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A leading-edge, multi-dimensional human resources consulting firm for an ever-changing world!

  • Be Engaged: To listen intently to the client's issue focusing on steps to take to a solution.
  • Be Involved: Weed through a myriad of HR options. Then present to you, in a CLEAR, concise manner, saving you time, in compliance, and save you money.
  • Be Thoughtful: We will assure you success in implementing the HR OPTIONS best suited for your situation.

ClearOptionsHR is the most comprehensive multi-dimensional HR consulting firm in the region. The ClearOptionsHR strategy is a "get to the point" approach and client centric with three major areas of deliverables: Human Resources  Consulting, Diabetes prevention and weight loss and innovative communications options at your fingertips.

"Here's The Deal"

In conjunction with ClearOptionsHR

A day-to-day way of thinking to achieve financial independence

In business, your personal life is just as important as your business life to assure success. That’s why “Here’s The Deal”, a way to achieve financial independence, can play a key role in your business success as well.

Weekly, Here's The Deal will show a way of thinking and cites one or two examples how this way of thinking can be realized.

Strategy III "Swagger"

Example #111

While talking with my cable provider recently, and when I'm purchasing a specific product or service, I automatically say, "is there anything else I should know?" In this example, the service counselor responded: "As a matter of fact, we have a special promotion we are offering. We can reduce your montly service fee from $50.00 monthly to $29.99 monthly for the next 12 months. 

By  just asking this simple question, "Is there anything else I should know" I saved $20.01 X 12 for a total of $240.12 over the next 12 months.

Check it out. You too may put $240.12 in your pocket.

Ask us how you can transition "Here's The Deal" way of thinking to your business strategies.    

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