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HR Services Such As Payroll Services, Background Checks and Corporate Outplacement Services in Chattanooga, TN

Career Transition/Outplacement

Since 2001 ClearOptionsHR has provided career transition programs and corporate outplacement services in Chattanooga, TN, for employees during downsizing, retirement, or a change in a company’s branding.

ClearOptiosnHR, our human resources consulting firm's highly outcome-based programs and services are centered around a one-on-one consultant approach and leading- edge counseling.

ClearOptionsHR, with over 35 years in Chattanooga provides a client centric experience and a positive re-employment outcome because we have local consultants ready to assist you and your career transitioning employees.

Our goal is simple: Prepare transition employee to be hired in the job that best fits their skill sets, talents and goals.

ClearOptiosnsHR consulting also understands that reducing you/your transitioning employees unemployment time frame drastically diminishes company’s COBRA, and Unemployment Cost, as well as avoiding the possibility of litigation.

ClearOptionsHR is more than just a user name and password based program, it is a commitment to your transitioning employee to find their next job. This is why.

ClearOptionsHR offers corporate outplacement services to all of your transitioning employees.  Contact us today and let’s have a conversation on a ‘cost-effective’ plan for your transitioning employees.

Payroll Services

ClearOptionsHR partners with a primary workforce management solution provider that offers modern payroll services, with exceptional expertise and current technology.

Having grown from the beginnings in payroll, our human resources consulting firm is leading the way in providing human capital solutions. Of the various payroll services offered, you can pick and choose what you want. They are designed in a way for you to configure any of the products based on the usage and needs of your business.

Services include:


Tax Filing

Human Resources

Time & Attendance

Benefits Administration

Applicant Tracking

General Ledger Integration

Worker’s Comp Pay-As-You-Go

E-Verify Compliance


By offering a combination of the most advanced technology through iSolved HCM, with the highest quality customer service, at the best price – you can rest assured knowing your employees and business are in good hands.

The payroll platform, iSolved, allows you to completely manage all aspects of your workforce with a single log-in to a single data source. This gives you an unparalleled view of your employees and removes the need to enter data multiple times, or import and export from multiple systems.

Outstanding customer service is the focus of this business, backing the innovative payroll services and solutions with superior, responsive and personal service. The goal is to develop solutions that exceed each and every customer’s needs and expectations. Each specialist gives specific attention to each customer and knows their clients by name.

With the latest technology and white glove customer service, you will not be able to find better prices anywhere else. This service and the tools added together are worth more than what you will pay large national payroll providers or other small local providers cannot compare.

Modernizing payroll functions for 20 years – we share our expertise and technology, you save money and gain valuable time.

For more information about how payroll services can benefit you, Contact us.

Background & Credit Checks

ClearOptionsHR provides alcohol & drug testing services and background check services of all types for over 500 companies nationwide (some of the employers have many locations). We assist businesses in creating policies and procedures that provide not only discounts off their worker's comp insurance, but also promote substance abuse prevention in the workplace. We appeal to small to mid-size companies who are focused on reducing workers comp claims, promoting a safe environment for all their employees, as well as, keeping attendance up and a high retention of workers. Drug-Free Workplace setup is accomplished at no extra charge. We offer a variety of drug testing options and strive to find the least expensive scenarios in an effort to save our clients money with their drug testing process.

We market to key employers such as insurance companies, staffing companies, and management groups where we can form mutual partnerships enabling growth for them by adding, policy, procedures, training, and assist in developing safe practices in their work places, which gives them the discount off their workers comp insurance. We are focused on providing hands-on customer service with honesty and integrity while assisting businesses in maintaining a safe and drug free workplace environment using top quality certified labs that are the most cost effective. And, we assist companies in providing consultation in staying compliant with policy guidelines. For more information, Contact us.

Drug Testing

Substance abuse in the workplace has a real impact on the bottom line with increased workers' compensation claims, increased medical costs, increased absenteeism, lost productivity, and costly employee turnover. Employees are more productive and have better morale when their health and safety is protected from the increased dangers and risks that substance abusers present in the workplace. Workers will appreciate your concern for their health, safety & well-being. We can assess and optimize your current drug testing program or develop and launch a new comprehensive drug testing program which fits your particular needs while reducing costs and increasing effectiveness. For more help, Contact us.

Affirmative Action Programs

The U.S. Department of Labor states that federal contractors and subcontractors must take affirmative action to recruit and promote qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans. Employers with written affirmative action programs must implement them, keep them on file and update them annually. The OFCCP estimates that employers spend 130 up to 350 hours compiling their AAPs, depending on the size of the company. You can save time and expense by having ClearOptions, Inc. prepare your Affirmative Action Plans.

An Affirmative Action Plan uses statistical analyses to ensure that an employer has created or is creating a workforce that is an authentic reflection of the demographics of their relevant, qualified labor pool by providing specific protected classes, including minorities, veterans, women and people with disabilities, with equal opportunity for employment and promotion opportunities.

ClearOptions, Inc. develops written Affirmative Action Plans that meet all regulatory requirements following the action steps below.

• Prepare a Job Group Analysis and classify your jobs within the nine federally defined job groups.

• Prepare a current Workforce Analysis and Two Factor Availability Analysis, utilizing your facility, job group and census data;

• Define your labor market area and, using current census data, perform a Utilization Analysis.

• Establish specific goals to correct any underutilization that cannot otherwise be justified.

• Conduct an Adverse Impact Analysis with regards to Hires, Promotions, and Terminations.

• Compile Disability Utilization Analysis and Protected Veteran Utilization Analysis

• Prepare a narrative report that summarizes data presented, identifies plan responsibility, specifies plan goals and activities, and outlines how the plan will be monitored and communicated.

• Recommend monitoring, record keeping, and reporting systems and procedures to assure continuing compliance with regulations.

• For more information, Contact us.

Workforce Intelligence

It is critical for a company to understand what really goes on in the workplace. Exit interviews conducted by company officials on the last day of work are notoriously poor sources of information. Using exit interviews by a third party can give a company an understanding of why an employee has really resigned. Third party interviews conducted after the employee leaves provides specific reasons, including harassment, union activity or discrimination of any kind. It then allows a company to address issues that lead to turnover and to possible legal action. Reducing the turnover rate of the workforce can have the potential of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and recurring. For more information about how we can help you, Contact us.

Behavioral Assessments

Finding the right candidate for your open positions involves more than looking at resumes and conducting interviews. Behavioral Assessments can be used to vastly improve your chances of hiring the best person. They can be used to identify the skills, competencies and personal attributes required to perform the position successfully. These assessments can be used to determine to what extent your candidates have these qualities. The assessment can give you a basis for developing behavioral interview questions that will help you to determine how the individual performs the duties that are needed. For help developing appropriate behavioral assessments, Contact us.

Training - Development - Coaching

We now have a resource available to help you with a wide array of training and development services. This resource comes to us with over thirty years of experience in building and delivering training in both manufacturing and administrative settings. This resource has the capability to individually design and deliver training as needed and to do train the trainer sessions so that your organization can sustain their training efforts.

We are able now to provide you with:

Production Supervisor Training
First Line Supervisor Training
Transition Training for employees moving up in your organization
New Manager Training
Customer Service Training for Sales
Communications Training
Training to Improve Coaching
Train the Trainer
Corrective discipline
Improving Safety Performance
Improving Attendance

We are available to meet with you to review your training and development practices and to offer a custom plan for your business or organization. For more information, Contact us.

Career Mentoring

"I can get you there."

One of the universal mistakes people make when embarking upon their career is not having a short and long-term plan.The career plan doesn’t have to be difficult or even near perfect. For example, what most people do not realize, whether embarking upon their career, or in the midst of, or in the latter stages, most executives have a career coach. Why? Because it’s difficult to self-evaluate and provide to yourself good career direction and be objective about your career options.Having a career mentor, in order to be all you can be, is as important as having a good attorney or financial advisor. So serious is the need, it rivals the importance of having a good physician.While it is important to have a good educational background in delivering a mentoring program, there is no substitute for real work experice and more seasoned the coach, the more you will find value in your meetings.Keep the following in mind when selecting a career mentor. The mentor must have several years work experience, preferably in the private sector (over 15), know the local labor market, and can offer you a personal behavioral assessment.And last, in your search for an excellent mentor, always ask for references. If a reference tells you the mentor you selected played a key role in their having a successful career, you probably have found the right mentor.

 For more information, Contact us.

Employee Retention: The Hidden Cost.

Every business has employee turnover. When employees leave, it is costly for your business.

If you have a high turnover rate, it should become a high priority on your project list. the good news is you can reduce that rate substantially without costing the company a great deal of money.

1. Hire the right people

Keeping employees start with hiring the right people. It is not only matching skills needed to do the job but also how well your employees fit into your business culture.

2. Offer competitive pay and benefits.

People want to be compensated fairly. Do a little market research on wages. Offer a competitive salary range. You cannot simply give employees a paycheck and be done. Employees want good benefits as well.

3. Give praise

Employees need encouragement and recognition. If they finish a project on time, show them you appreciate their hard work and the importance of being on time.

4. Show a Career Path

Your best empoyees need to be identified early. Wait too long, and they will leave. Show them how they can advance. Show them a projected path.

We can show you how to take each step quickly or over the long term.

For more information, Contact us.

Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss Program

In partnership with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a ‘leading edge’ approach in addressing one of the most serious health care issues facing the US workforce today is now available.

This program is the first of its kind and the only program that has an updated LMS platform and videos, making them interactive with participants anywhere in the world.

Here’s how the program can help your ROI. It can:

· Lower insurance costs

· Improve employee well being

· Increase productivity

· Improve attendance

Where other lifestyle Wellness Programs can’t deliver, WE CAN!

Most wellness programs can’t reach 2nd and 3rd shift employees WE CAN!

Most wellness programs can’t reach transportation industry. WE CAN!

Most wellness programs don’t involve family members. WE DO!

This program is the first in the nation to bring the CDC National Diabetes Program to video format.

The program provides:

  • Accountability
  • Motivation to reach goals
  • Outcome reporting
  • Positive Results
  • Affordability at 60-80% less than traditional programs

Program Components

  • 12 month program that includes 22 online video sessions
  • Online and mobile app support tools
  • Live instructor web support
  • Proven CDC course curriculum
  • Course participation and results analysis
  • Recognized CDC certified program CPT billing code ability

Not Your Typical Health Care Program

The program asks employees

  • Do you avoid the gym because you don't feel like you fit in, or don't have the time?
  • Is personal training too expensive?
  • Are you tired of fad diets and short-term results only to find yourself right back where you started?
  • Is it hard for you to motivate yourself to eat well and exercise?
  • Course participation and results analysis
  • Recognized CDC certified program CPT billing code ability

If so, this program could work well with with your already established wellness program. For more information, please Contact us.

Specialty Advertising

Screen Printing & Embroidering

When it comes to creative T shirt design for your company, we can create an 'eye catching' design and artwork customized to your company. It's what differentiates us from other printers. You will also be pleased with the quality, service and cost. So much so, we offer our design by our artist free of charge. And assure you it can be it can be a key part of marketing strategy. Let us share with you how exciting it can be to have a strikingly designed T shirt for your business and how it can be key in your marketing strategy.

Recognizing employee contributions and achievements is crucial to engaging your workforce. Employees who are highly engaged in their organization are much more productive and are less likely to leave the company. A key element in employee recognition programs include the strategic use of T-shirts, Hats & Polos. We offer the highest quality, unbeatable pricing and 100% guarantee. For more information, Contact us.

Key Note Speaker

“The” Speaker For Your Special Event

Do you go with your gut?

Listen to that little voice?

Smell something fishy?

Just have a hunch?

These feeling are real. And based on communications and relationships rooted in emotions and behaviors. Those gut feelings are understandable. Our speaker has built a career on the science of non-verbal communications. The results: Better decisions. Improved communications. Positive outcomes.

It’s time for you to have the advantage! One size does not fit all. Your industry, relationships, culture and challenges require a training process to meet your unique needs and expectation. While you’re not blind as to “what’s going on” neither are we!

Our interpersonal approach allows us to communicate with your organization and you. Our approach is high-octane, interactive, visually stimulating, entertaining, motivational and FUN! Offering an extensive range of professional services, you will become a savvy observer of yourself and others to “really” see what they are thinking and feeling. Plus, it’s fascinating to learn how to read others!



Motivation Spearing Engagements

Leadership & Body Language Style


First Impressions

Team Building



Role Playing & Simulations

Workshops Of All Shapes And Sizes


Coaching & Advising


Corporate In Need Of Professional Development

Sales Teams




Industries Demanding The Extra Edge!

For more information, Contact us.

Event Planning


We are pleased to announce, and as part of our innovative communications efforts with employees, we are partnering with a leading edge, event planning consulting firm. It is what most companies are seeking a ‘Pro’ that can provide a turnkey service including venue selection, event design and production services to both the private and corporate sectors. Located in Chattanooga, TN serving the East Tennessee and North Georgia areas. Nationwide services can be delivered as well.

We can offer a variety of local, unique venues that can accommodate any size group from five to five hundred. Our venues include a variety of decors and locations and are a departure from the traditional hotel meeting sites.

Our Team has more than 30 years in all areas of event production including marketing, trade show production, corporate and private events, nonprofit consultation, turn key convention services, golf and tennis tournaments.

In addition, our deliverables include meeting facilitators, corporate training events, video production, and travel logistics, focusing efforts that will enhance your company image, attract new clients and improve employee retention.


Consulting includes managing your event with your goals in mind:

Training Events, Meeting Facilitation, Celebration Events, Board Meetings, Corporate Convention Services, Networking Events, Holiday Parties, Executive Retreats, Nonprofit Events, Client/Employee Recognition Events, Photo Shoots, Recurring Meetings, Grand Opening/Anniversary Celebrations, and VIP Hospitality.


Agenda Management
Travel Logistics

VIP Hospitality, catering
Meeting Logistics
On-site Management Personnel

If you have questions, Contact us, and ask for a free consultation.