Business moves faster than ever and one of the worst things you can do is neglect proper communication with your employees.

Specialty Printing

When it comes to creative T shirt design for your company, we can create an ‘eye catching’ design and artwork customized to your company. It’s what differentiates us from other printers. You will also be pleased with the quality, service and cost. So much so, we offer our design by our artist free of charge. And assure you it can be it can be a key part of marketing strategy. Let us share with you how exciting it can be to have a strikingly designed T shirt for your business and how it can be key in your marketing strategy.

Recognizing employee contributions and achievements is crucial to engaging your workforce. Employees who are highly engaged in their organization are much more productive and are less likely to leave the company. A key element in employee recognition programs include the strategic use of T-shirts, Hats & Polos. We offer the highest quality, unbeatable pricing and 100% guarantee. For more information, Contact us.

Special Events


We are pleased to announce, and as part of our innovative communications efforts with employees, we are partnering with a leading edge, event planning consulting firm. It is what most companies are seeking a ‘Pro’ that can provide a turnkey service including venue selection, event design and production services to both the private and corporate sectors. Located in Chattanooga, TN serving the East Tennessee and North Georgia areas. Nationwide services can be delivered as well.

We can offer a variety of local, unique venues that can accommodate any size group from five to five hundred. Our venues include a variety of decors and locations and are a departure from the traditional hotel meeting sites.

Our Team has more than 30 years in all areas of event production including marketing, trade show production, corporate and private events, nonprofit consultation, turn key convention services, golf and tennis tournaments.

In addition, our deliverables include meeting facilitators, corporate training events, video production, and travel logistics, focusing efforts that will enhance your company image, attract new clients and improve employee retention.


Consulting includes managing your event with your goals in mind:

Training Events, Meeting Facilitation, Celebration Events, Board Meetings, Corporate Convention Services, Networking Events, Holiday Parties, Executive Retreats, Nonprofit Events, Client/Employee Recognition Events, Photo Shoots, Recurring Meetings, Grand Opening/Anniversary Celebrations, and VIP Hospitality.


  • Agenda Management
    Travel Logistics
    VIP Hospitality, catering
    Meeting Logistics
    On-site Management Personnel

    If you have questions, Contact us, and ask for a free consultation.

Keynote Speaker

“The” Speaker For Your Special Event

Do you go with your gut?

Listen to that little voice?

Smell something fishy?

Just have a hunch?

These feeling are real. And based on communications and relationships rooted in emotions and behaviors. Those gut feelings are understandable. Our speaker has built a career on the science of non-verbal communications. The results: Better decisions. Improved communications. Positive outcomes.

It’s time for you to have the advantage! One size does not fit all. Your industry, relationships, culture and challenges require a training process to meet your unique needs and expectation. While you’re not blind as to “what’s going on” neither are we!

Our interpersonal approach allows us to communicate with your organization and you. Our approach is high-octane, interactive, visually stimulating, entertaining, motivational and FUN! Offering an extensive range of professional services, you will become a savvy observer of yourself and others to “really” see what they are thinking and feeling. Plus, it’s fascinating to learn how to read others!

  • Specialties
  • Keynote
  • Motivation Spearing Engagements
  • Leadership & Body Language Style
  • Negotiations
  • First Impressions
  • Team Building
  • Approach
  • Hands-On
  • Role Playing & Simulations
  • Workshops Of All Shapes And Sizes
  • Teams
  • Coaching & Advising


  • Corporate In Need Of Professional Development
  • Sales Teams
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Non-Profits
  • Industries Demanding The Extra Edge!

For more information, Contact us.


We can help you and your employees better at the art of talking to each other, which then translates into communicating better with potential clients and others within your industry.