From background checks to drug testing to helping employees transition to a new job during hard times…we have the skills to help you make your business run more smoothly.

Not every employee will stay as long as you might like. Since 2001, ClearOptionsHR has provided career transition programs and corporate outplacement service in Chattanooga. During times of downsizing, company re-structuring, or even retirement, we can help your employees take the next step. This helps you by decreasing the company’s COBRA and Unemployment costs, as well as avoiding potential litigation.

Turnover is costly for your business. You can reduce this cost by keeping the right people. We can show you how to do so by hiring the right people to begin with, offering them competitive pay and benefits, giving them praise, and showing them a long-term career path.

It is critical to understand what really goes on in your business. Third party exit interviews can be a crucial source of intelligence that can allow you to address issues that lead to turnover and possible legal actions.

It is estimated that employers spend up to 350 hours compiling their Affirmative Action Plans for federal compliance. We have specialists that can prepare a plan for your company that meets all regulatory requirements and keeps your company competitive.

Behavioral assessments can be used to target the right person during the hiring process by identifying the skills, competencies, and personal attributes required to perform the position successfully.

Substance abuse in the workplace impacts your bottom line with increased workers’ comp claims and medical costs, lost productivity, absenteeism, and employee turnover. We can assess and optimize your current drug testing program or help you develop a new one that fits your needs.

A key to running your business more effectively is to know who you are hiring. Our background check will find any hidden deficiencies in potential applicants, from credit history problems to criminal records.

ClearOptionsHR leads the way in provide human capital solutions. We offer multiple services including tax filing, workers’ comp pay-as-you-go, E-Verify compliance, benefits administration, and much more. Choose only the items you need for your business.

We can help you in evaluating and mentoring your employees to further their progress at your company, making them more effective in their current job, as well as increasing the likelihood of retaining valuable workers.